The 3rd International School
on Advanced Immunology



You are required to arrange your own transportation to the School venue. We will reimburse you for transportation expenses after completion of the School.

Please complete the following procedures by 20 June 2024.

(1) Fill out the Questionnaire

Please enter your information for accommodation arrangements into the online questionnaire.

(2) Upload Documents

Please upload the following documents.

  • Agreement Please download the form, sign, and upload.
  • Application for Payment  Please download the form, fill out, and upload.

*Rename the files by replacing “Name” in the file names (IS24_Agreement.pdf and Name_Application_for_Payment.xlsx) with the surname of the applicant (e.g., Smith_IS24_Agreement.pdf and Tanaka_Application_for_Payment.xlsx, respectively).

(Download files)

  1. Regulations Governing Participation in the 3rd International School on Advanced Immunology 2024
  2. Agreement
  3. IFReC Lab Tour
  4. Application for Payment

(3) Pay Participation Fee

Participants are required to pay a participation fee of 66,000 JPY, which includes a registration fee of 41,000 JPY and a reception fee of 25,000 JPY. Please pay the separate amounts of 41,000 JPY and 25,000 JPY by credit card at the following websites. After completing your payment, you will receive a confirmation email.
If you require a receipt for your payment, please click the “Receipt (PDF)” button in the confirmation email. Please confirm your email whitelist settings so that you are able to receive the emails from the following address.